Business Consulting


I formed Two Lights Group as a platform to channel my experiences and talent in a way to add value to start up or small businesses, especially in the food or alcoholic beverage industries.  My 30 years of experience with northern New England's largest food retailer give me insight into what makes a product successful and what it takes to catch the eyes of a buyer.  Food retailing is an ever changing market place and it helps to know how retailers work and what motivates them.  I can help you with that. 

I spent a number of years at Hannaford managing the liquor category.  Hannaford is Maine's largest retailer of spirits, so I became intimately familiar with the  rules and regulations as well as how to grow both category sales and profits.  Maine is unique among the control states because all sales are made through agents.  It is important that anyone who wants to be successful selling spirits in Maine understand  how the agents operate and what motivates them.  I can help you with that.

My passion since leaving Hannaford/Delhaize has been to help the local food economy to prosper.  My involvement with local companies has ranged from single 1/2 day sessions to long term relationships where I act as a part time officer of the company. 

If you have a small food or alochol related business and would like to talk, please contact me.  I would love to hear about your business and see if there is anyway I can help you.

If you wnat to geet to kow me a little better, check out my resume on the next page.